Surprising Uses for Business Cards

I still carry business cards. Do you?

Actually, I carry several cards that are standard business-card size, that is, 3.5 inches" x 2 inches.

Only 1 of these cards I carry is a traditional business card. That's it to the left. On the reverse side of it, I have my website and blog links.

If you're wondering why an author should carry business cards, this post is for you.

I order my cards from Vista Print because they offer quality card stock, they're inexpensive, and I can upload my own design or use one of theirs. The card above is an old one, and it uses one of their stock designs.

If you want something even more affordable, print your own with Avery Clean Edge Business Card.

Just be sure you get the correct ones for your printer. Also, keep it simple if you're not skilled at graphic design.

Fake Business Cards

These are just cards with non-traditional information on them. You could easily refer to them as calling cards like ladies and gentlemen used in bygone days.

I have a few of these non-traditional cards. I created them for various reasons. One might be to promote a specific book. I can place those in a package I mail to someone who won a prize in one of my giveaways.

Another is a card with a Smashwords Coupon Code. I give those to anyone I converse with about my books.

A couple of my non-traditional cards were created for the same purpose, but I might have different information on each.

I give the card I think works for the person or group I'm visiting.

One such card has all my online links including the link to subscribe to my newsletter/mailing list. Often, when ordering from Vista Print, I'll also have the design placed on a spiral notebook. I give those to readers because who can't use a good notebook.

My most recent design from 2018 uses a red rose. I have a rose garden in my backyard so roses always appeal to me.

On the reverse of this card, you'll find some review quotes about my writing, not necessarily about a specific book.

I'll finish this post by giving some ways you can use business cards beyond dropping them into a bowl at a restaurant.

9 Ways to Use Business Cards

1. As I have done, create a card with a free book link. Give a card to anyone who expresses an interest in you as an author.

2. Give one of your business cards to the receptionist when you sign in for an appointment of any kind and are asked, "How do you spell your name?"

3. If anyone hands you a business card, hand one of yours back.

4. Enclose a card with your latest book promo when you pay bills by mail, especially if it's from a local business. (Hint: a card that says, "Local Author" is good for that along with your latest book title, buy link, URL, and pull quote from a review.)

5. Offer to speak at social clubs like bunko or bridge clubs, garden clubs, etc. and hand out a business card stapled to your book flyer to each person who attends.

6. Leave them on the tables or counters at places where people are waiting. Waiting at the car wash, the dentist's office, the post office, tables at the mall's food court, the reading tables at libraries, bookstores, etc.

7. Put one on any bulletin board that advertises local services.

8. Leave one on the table with your tip at a restaurant.

9. Absolutely drop one anywhere it says, "Drop your business card in to win a free lunch." Or a free whatever.

Takeaway Truth

I tend to keep business cards. One never knows when that nugget of information might come in handy. Many people are like that so a business card might be a small investment offering a nice return.

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