Never Ever Text and Drive

We were driving on I-45 north in our pickup. There was an 18-wheeler in front of me who kept edging in and out of the lane. Traffic was heavy. He slowed so Darling Hubby decided to get past him.

When we drew even with him, he started encroaching onto our lane again. I glanced over and saw he was texting! OMG! It's bad enough when car drivers are texting, but the driver of a gigantic 18-wheeler? The prospect is horrifying.

Texas has a bill before the legislature to ban all texting while driving. Many cities in Texas have already done this.

Zero Tolerance

I hope the bill passes, and I hope it's a zero tolerance law. I also hope they start cracking down on this. I see it every day I'm on the freeways. Drivers weaving in and out of their lane or going super slow--or even worse, going super fast!!

If there were an 800 number to report the license plates of cars whose drivers are texting, the call logs would be inundated with reports. The minimum time a text takes is 5 seconds. At 55 mph, those 5 seconds your eyes are on a text instead of on the road means your vehicle travels the length of a football field.

Staggering Statistics Caused by Texting Drivers

Deaths: 6,000 a year
Injuries: 500,000+
Accidents: 1.3 million car accidents a year

Who does it? 60% of American teens admit to texting while driving

Want to know what a 10 second text can do? Watch this video or this one that shows what's left of vehicles involved in texting wrecks and gives statistics or watch any of the other videos on YouTube about texting and driving or distracted driving.

Takeaway Truth

Do NOT text and drive. There is no excuse. If a text is so important to read or send, pull over somewhere and do it.