5 Ways to Improve Your Blog

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If you do a search for your name or your blog name, you want it to come up on page 1 of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It should at least appear within the first 2 pages. If you've only had a site up for a couple of months, it might be understandable that it takes 4-5 pages for it to list.

If it's been up longer than two months and it takes more than 4-5 pages to find it listed, then you need an overhaul because your blog isn't working.

5 Ways to Improve Your Blog

1. Make Keywords and SEO Work For You

Search Engine Optimization is the process of using keywords to enable your site to rank high in SERPs. What are your keywords for your blog? Are those keywords in the meta data? Do they appear in your blog description? Have you used the words a searcher would enter in a Search box? Are those keywords sprinkled throughout the rest of the page in an organic manner?

2. Avoid Flash

Did you make the mistake of using a Flash doorway? Looks pretty, but web crawlers do not index those doorway pages so you lose the opportunity to gain valuable rank.

Paying attention to #1 and #2 above will make your blog rank higher. The next tips are to make sure readers come back to your blog again and again.

3. Properly Formatted Text Content

Have you got text that is formatted for Internet writing? Is it a font that's preferred for Internet reading? Is it of sufficient interest, germane to the theme of your website, and keyword rich? Do you have sub-headings in your blog post that help the reader capture the main points?

4. Visual Elements

Is the template or design of your blog pleasing in appearance? Have you avoided the Internet sin of using black background/white text, or worse brightly colored text? Have you avoided changing fonts too many times? (If more than 2 fonts are used, one for headline and one for body, then that's probably too many.)

5. Graphic Images

Do you have appropriately-sized, pleasing graphic images to illustrate your blog posts?

Takeaway Truth

It's not enough to create good content. You have to present that content in a way that blog readers find appealing.

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