CyberMonday Bargains for Readers & Writers

Today is another bargain day here on SlingWords. On this CyberMonday, I'm featuring Gifts for Readers and Writers.

These are perfect as gifts for family and friends. If you're looking for a special treat or reward for yourself, they're great. Prices are reduced, but I didn't list a price in case you read this after the price has changed. I hope you find something you love!

Readers | Writers: Kindle Fire HD

I've got a Kindle Fire HD, a gift from my son-in-law and daughter.  Just a few of its applications that I use are:
  • email and searching the web when traveling (it's easier than my SmartPhone)
  • read ebooks and play games
  • stream AmazonPrime, NetFlix, and other websites that offer movies and TV shows (I also do this when traveling so that I always have a means of entertainment.)
  • make notes, write scenes, or rough draft copy for a book.
Writers: Antique Typewriter Key Bracelet

This will probably appeal to those who aren't writers too. I really love these bracelets and other jewelry made from old typewriter keys. This particular bracelet shown is available with Prime Shipping. Other items are available too.

As the product description says: "A unique bracelet that harkens back to a more romantic time. The bracelet was hand made using authentic vintage typewriter keys. The keys were gently removed from 1930-40's era typewriter, polished and placed on a silver plated bracelet..." Simply beautiful.

Writers: Business Card Case

This business card case is from WriteWay, my CafePress shop, and it features my mantra: Write Hard. Live Free.

If you're a writer, you need a business card case. Having a reminder of why you're working so hard is just a bonus! ($17.95)

Readers: "By Party I Mean Read" Tee Shirt

I'm always on the lookout for fun clothes that show my interests.

You don't find many about reading so when I stumbled across this one, I just had to have it -- and had to tell you about it too!

I LOVE this tee shirt.

It comes in 14 colors, sizes from S to XXXLarge, and priced from $15.99 to $21.00. What's not to love?

Writers: Snowflake Ceramic Ornament

Readers might like this too since it celebrates the written word. The ceramic ornaments in WriteWay, my CafePress shop, come in several shapes. All carry the same sentiment.

Without Words... No holiday songs, stories or verse on pretty cards. No books, plays, poetry, or movies. Writers are magicians pulling words from thin air, creating people, emotions, and worlds, near and flung far in space. The world would be different, a lesser place...Without Words.

Readers: Kindle Buffet by Steve Weber

If you're new to ebooks and want to know how to find all those free ebooks and bargain books you hear about, this book will help.

Best of all? It's free right now so grab it quick.

Mr. Weber has published several guides to help readers make the most of their ebook devices and tablets. He also publishes, a website that lists 5 free ebooks each day.

Takeaway Truth

This post is publishing late today, but I think it was worth waiting for.

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