3 Tips to an Awesome Profile or Biography

If you do anything on the Internet, then you probably are asked to post a profile or biography. Usually, this is optional, but why not take advantage of this branding opportunity?

If you're an author, absolutely post your biography or profile--and make it awesome. Here are 3 tips on how to do that.

Be A Tailor--Alter As Needed

1. When writing a biography or a profile, tailor your content to the intended audience.

If you are writing a bio for a book page on one of the popular book retailers like Amazon or Nook, make your profile match the tone of your book.

If your book is funny, your biography should be at least mildly humorous. If your book is a business book, your bio should offer credibility and be more serious in tone.

If you are writing a bio for a professional publication, make your profile business-like yet entertaining.

2. Don't tell every single detail about your education and achievements.

Give the high points and relevant aspects that give you credibility as it pertains to where your profile will be posted.

3. If you include personal information, be prudent.

There are two facts you should always keep in mind: (1) there are mentally unstable people out there and (2) if someone wants to find you, or someone you love, it's too easy given the Internet resources available for free or for a modest fee.

Takeaway Truth

Above all else, make the profile entertaining.

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