How to Write True Crime by JoAnne Myers

Today, we're having coffee with author JoAnne Myers. Of course, I'm having my coffee at my desk in Houston, and JoAnne is having hers in Ohio where she makes her home.

JoAnne Myers worked in the blue-collar industry most of her life. Now, besides writing, she also paints. When not busy with hobbies, working outside the home, or volunteering in her community, she spends time with her family and her dogs, Jasmine and Scooter, because she believes in family values and following one's dreams.

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JoAnne's Book: The Crime of the Century

Based on a true crime, the book is a detailed account of finding justice for the victims and the tale of one man’s perseverance to gain his freedom from death row.

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Writing True Crime
by JoAnne Myers

First you must pick an interesting crime. I specialize in homicides in my home state of Ohio. Routinely reading newspapers will help the writer find murder cases. Find a homicide that has numerous good elements that will hold one’s interest.


Next you must start the investigation of your chosen crime. To find my information, I read newspaper reports of the homicide. I searched court documents for witness reports, and courtroom testimony. I interviewed witnesses. Persons that either were present when the crime occurred, or had after-the-fact information.


Try to locate the victim’s family members, and see if they want their side of the story told. If the case goes to trial, the Defense’s job is to discredit the victim. To portray the deceased as the “bad guy.” This type of mud slinging does not sit well with loved ones of the victim. Give them a chance to speak for the deceased.

Anyone that was involved with the case, will have something of interest to report. Don’t forget to locate the reports of the arresting officers and the homicide detectives. Try to locate the coroner's report, any eyewitness, or persons who reported hearing an altercation or gunshots.

Keep Up

Keep abreast of updates, and read everything that was written about the case. Build a relationship with the law enforcement officials who are involved in the case. I personally live in a very small town, where most people know each another, and many have relatives or close friends that are involved with law enforcement. Attend the trial and speak to everyone you can about the criminal, the victim, prosecution witnesses, and defense witnesses.

Tell the Story

Last but not least, sit down and write. Tell the story of the crime. Hopefully you will find most of the information you need in your copious notes. If not, go back and get the answers you need. Never throw away any notes or information concerning the case. Not even after the trial is over, and the story is written.

Most convicted felons apply for numerous appeals, which take years to dissolve. Some cases never seem to end. The Crime of the Century was such a case. When the accused was found guilty and sent to prison, he and his attorneys, who always believed him innocent, continued fighting for his freedom. That blessed event came after the convicted spent five years on death row. He was cleared with DNA evidence, but it still took nearly thirty years to find the true killers.

The most important thing to remember, if you want your true crime book to be compelling and believable, is to be honest and objective in relating the facts of the case.

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Takeaway Truth

Truth is stranger than fiction which is why true crime captivates readers.

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