Still On Planet Earth

I'm b-a-a-a-a-ck! I've been so absent that you probably forgot my existence, but I'm still doing time on Planet Earth.

Chalk up my absence to packing to move and getting a house ready to sell. As if that wasn't enough stress, add in the jury summons for Federal Court that arrived in early May.

Yep, I was on Jury Service for the longest two weeks of my life. I would say it was the most exhausting time I ever spent, but that distinction goes to the time I spent with my daughter in the hospital when she suffered surgery complications.

Still those 2 weeks were so tiring that I was able to write zero words and too tired to keep up with email, Twitter, etc.

Long Story Short

Yes, I know, too late to make this long story short, but, here goes. I'm back and doing my best to catch up. It will take time, but I'll eventually answer all the email, publish a new issue of Writing Hacks for subscribers, honor my guest blog commitments, and finish my next book, Cinderella Blue. So don't give up on me.

Takeaway Truth

Real life has a way of undermining one's best efforts.

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