Review: Open Season by Archer Mayor

I'm finally back in the office with recently-read books to review. (There's nothing like hospital and doctor waiting rooms to give one time to read.

First up is Open Season, Joe Gunther Mystery #1, by Archer Mayor.

Book Details

As is my custom when I review ebooks, I give the Kindle Buy Link because I read most books on my Kindle. However, I'm certain every book I review is available at most ebook sellers so look for them on the platforms that match your ebook reading device. (Want your own Kindle? Click here.)

File Size: 726 KB
Print Length: 320 pages
Publisher: MarchMedia (March 28, 2013)
Language: English
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
X-Ray: Enabled
Lending: Enabled
Cost: $.99

Blurb The Book

Lt. Joe Gunther of the Brattleboro, Vermont police force has a serious problem: in a community where a decade could pass without a single murder, the body count is suddenly mounting. Innocent citizens are being killed—and others set-up—seemingly orchestrated by a mysterious ski-masked man. Signs suggest that a three year-old murder trial might lie at the heart of things, but it’s a case that many in the department would prefer remained closed. A man of quiet integrity, Lt. Gunther knows that he must pursue the case to its conclusion, wherever it leads.

Open Season is the first of Archer Mayor’s twenty-three Joe Gunther novels, a series of gripping police procedurals set in New England, where small-town charm, stoicism and civility sometimes conceal brutal truths.

My Thoughts

Originally published in 1988 by Putnam, Open Season is now available for Kindle. With no computers, cell phones, social networks, and a hero who fought in the Korean War, Open Season reads like a recent "historical" rather than a contemporary novel because technology and a changing national conscience have drastically altered our culture.

Yet, this book is a compelling read, peopled with a likable detective and secondary characters who are more than small town stereotypes. Indeed, the book has a compelling premise and a chain of events that surprises and keeps you guessing. I enjoyed this police procedural immensely and look forward to reading the next one in the series.

Takeaway Truth

Excellent mystery creates an enjoyable reading experience with what is now a recent history setting. Don't miss it.

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