Website Notes: May 2009

May flowers are blooming. Must be time to post about what's new on my website with the May 1 update.

Written Wisdom

Quotations about, what else, but Mothers. Look for quotations from Sharon Doubiago, Nancy Friday, Lillian Hellman, Sarah Orne Jewett, Audre Lorde, Alice Walker, and Renita Weems,

The Pleasure Of Reading

An interview with Michael Haskins, author of Chasin' The Wind, a Mad Mick Murphy Mystery.

The Joy of Writing

Look for another article in the "Your Internet Presence" series: Website Or Blog.

Wordplay, the Official Website Newsletter

Details about the update plus an entertainment piece: From Wordsworth To Nickelback. Subscribe to Wordplay, and it will arrive in your Inbox the first day of every month.

Resources Of The Archives

An article usually appears on its originating page for two months. After that it's moved to The Archives. On May 1, these were archived: Interview With Annette Blair, Interview With Amy Clipston, Why Book Publishing Changes, Your Internet Presence: Websites, and Know Your Contracts.

Work In Progress

Opus 5 of 12 for 2009: Are You On Track.

Previously Published

An article to help you market your reverted or retained rights in case you don't have an agent to do this for you: How To Find Markets For Reprint Sales.

By the way, if any of you out there have websites or blogs and would like to exchange links, just let me know. Send me an email at joan at joanreeves dot com with REAL LIVE PERSON - LINK EXCHANGE in the subject box.

Takeaway Truth

Every month you'll find entertaining and education articles on the art, craft, and business of writing on my website.

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