Thoughts On A Gray Day

1. Why is it when we need rain, we suddenly have 2 weeks of solid rain flooding freeways, ruining homes, and drowning people?

2. Why do they say, nice weather for ducks when it's raining? We have ducks near the water hazards on the golf course, and they are never out frolicking in the rain. They're taking cover under bushes.

3. How does the Morton Salt company get away with the slogan: When it rains, it pours? In what I call baby monsoon season, the salt clumps up in shakers unless you put grains of rice in it to keep it broken apart.

4. If you're going to have car trouble, why does it always happen on the rainiest, coldest, or hottest day of the year?

5. Why do weeds continue to proliferate in droughts or floods, but grass, shrubs, and flowers dry up and blow away or transform into waterlogged yellowish mush?

Takeaway Truth

Why am I sitting here when I could be watching my new DVD The Jane Austen Book Club?

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