Winter hits Texas

It was 70 when I awoke this morning. An hour later it had dropped to 50. Another hour passed, and it was down to 40. Oh my gosh! It's winter. Yesterday, when I was running around in shorts, tee shirt, and sneakers, and it was 85, I wondered if we'd have a fall this year. Suddenly, it's winter.

Think I'll go put on a big pot of vegetable soup. Oops, I forgot. I still don't have a stove. You may recall my gas line disaster discovered a few days before Thanksgiving? Well, I still don't have a new gas line.

When the plumber, darling Mr. Ramos who will be installing the new gas line, left after installing the new water heater, he said: "If I don't see you before Christmas, have a merry one."

Oh, dear. I hope he was joking.

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