Post Thanksgiving

I waddled home from the Thanksgiving bacchanalia in the country. At times like these, I wish my family didn't have so many talented cooks. Even my younger brother gets in the act with a duck gumbo for which he's famous.

It's not so much the cajun fried turkey, dressing, and gravy that does in my best diet intentions, but the sweet things like that good old southern standard Pink Stuff. Supposedly, this is a salad. At least that's how it's classified in a half dozen church cookbooks my mom has in her bookshelf. This concoction of marshmallows, whipped cream, coconut, jello, and chopped fruit has about as much a connection to salad as cheesecake does--and probably more calories.

Yes, there was four different kinds of vegetables, but then there was also homemade hot dinner rolls, chocolate and vanilla layered dessert, cherry pie, pecan pie, coconut cream pie, and a coconut layer cake that made you wish you were alone in a room with the cake, a fork, and no conscience.

Today, post Thanksgiving started with cottage cheese and diced apple. Ah, diet, thy name is Joan.

Sling Words out.

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