Torn between responsibility and pleasure

This is silly. I know it is. I'm working on revisions for an editor, but today I'm torn between needing to work on the manuscript and...the British open.

I know, I know. You're going to say, "but Joan, you don't really play golf."

This is true, but I spectate. As I've said before my darling husband is the huge golf fan. He got me hooked on watching the major tournaments, especially when Tiger plays.

Well, yesterday Tiger eagled the 18th to finish five under. Today, he's on 17 and he's 12 under!!! Twelve under. Wow.

So I'm running back and forth between the study and the TV in the kitchen.

Yay! Now I can focus on the writing. Tiger just finished with a 65 for the day.

Sling Words (feeling inordinately foolish and pleased - in equal measure) out.

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