Indecision Is Death

I can't count the number of times I've heard an author say, "I just don't know what to write next. I have all these ideas, and I can't decide which to write."

This is an author who is stuck because part of her brain is worrying about the business end of writing.

What will sell? How long will it take to write this book? What if the genre is stone-cold by the time I finish?

And so many other left-brain worries.

If this describes you, the answer is to get unstuck. You can engage in some fancy psychological charts and processes to arrive at an objective decision or use my simple...

KISS Decision Process

Keep It Simple Sweetheart Decision Process is a no-brainer, and it works, but you must follow the rules.

What You Do

Write down each idea on a slip of paper. Put them in a bowl. Have your spouse or your kid or your neighbor, draw a paper from the bowl. Whatever it says is what you will write. Believe it or not, this really works for people who can't decide for whatever reason.

The reason this works is because you're separating all the confusing marketing information from the creative process. You want to get it written before you worry about marketing.

The Rules

1. You must agree to write the idea that gets drawn from the bowl so only put in ideas you really want to write.

2. You must get someone else to draw the slip of paper to keep you honest.

3. You must tape the slip of paper over your work desk or monitor so you can see it each time you sit at your computer.

4. You must take action immediately. The key to goal achievement is taking immediate action. Write or type up a list of steps needed to write the book from beginning to end and block out the time on your calendar.

5. You must save all the other slips of paper for future use. If you get a new idea, don't stop to mull it over or make notes, just write the idea on paper and add it to the bowl.

6. You must agree not to work on any other ideas until the first idea is finished. Every day stay on task. Stay focused. Keep your thoughts on the work at hand. Keep your eyes on the goal.

Takeaway Truth

Remove the confusion and emotion and all the other factors that have tied your hands in the past. Move forward with focus on the idea you drew without losing clarity of purpose because you now have your work in progress defined.

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