Magic Trick: Simplify With 1-3-5 List

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I've begun to believe that multi-tasking is the death of productivity.

I think we are so accustomed to over-scheduling that we've lost the ability to actually prioritize.

We try to do it all, making phone calls while reading email, writing an email while thinking about plot points, answering the phone while trying to draft a scene, etc.

The end result is the number 1 priority of our working life gets short shrift or may even fall by the wayside.

I decided to try the 1-3-5 List method a couple of weeks ago to see if I could make more effective use of my time and accomplish more.

The Rules of 1-3-5 List

Write down 1 big awesome task. This is your priority item. You know what it is even though you may think you have 5-10 priority items to accomplish today. Be honest. What's the most important thing you need to do? It's the one that will yield the greatest rewards when completed.

Write down 3 medium tasks that should be done before the day is over.

Write down 5 little things that should be done if you can get to them.

That's it! When you finish your workday, make tomorrow's 1-3-5 list. When you get to your desk tomorrow, you know exactly what needs to be done first.

So if I no longer answer emails first thing in the morning, just know that I'm not goofing off. I'm working on my 1 big awesome task of the day!

Takeaway Truth

Try this if you've had difficulty getting something important done. Let me know if it works for you.

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  1. How's this working? I feel as if I should try it.

    1. So far it's working great! When I look at my day planner and see only 1, 3, and 5 tasks, I don't feel overwhelmed like I did when I listed 10-20 things a day that HAD to get done. With 1-3-5, you focus on the REAL priorities.