Alexa Skill Review: Comfort My Dog

last week I reviewed an Alexa Skill that helps you relax.

Today, I'm reviewing Comfort My Dog, an Alexa skill that is supposed to help your dog feel more relaxed and calm, less anxious, sleep more and be generally happier.

 With 3,427 reviews averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars, this was an app I wanted to try since we often puppy-sit our daughter's dog, Freddie.

Actually, it did seem to help him fall asleep once he got the message that he had to lie down...that we were not going to play another 2 hours or go for another 2 mile walk!

What can I say? He's a Golden Doodle which is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. That combination equals boundless energy.

Comfort My Dog is free to enable. Once you've enabled it on your Alexa device, you just say, "Alexa, relax my dog." Supported Languages are: English (AU), English (CA), English (GB), English (IN), and English (US)

When Comfort My Dog music starts to play, and if you're stressed out, you'll find yourself relaxing too.

If a cat "owns" you, you might try the Alexa skill, Calm My Cat.

Takeaway Truth

Pardon me now. I'm going to have Alexa start Comfort My Dog. I think I may close my eyes while I listen.

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