I Quit: 10 Things I Give Up in 2019

This year, I quit.

I quit trying to achieve 10 things that are often reflected on my list of New Year Resolutions.

You know--diet, exercise, keeping the house clean, etc.

I've been writing the same resolutions for decades. So I'm  throwing in the towel on some of these--completely forgetting them.

I may even try hypnosis to wipe them from my memory bank. Just kidding on the hypnosis thing. I'd like to put quit worrying on my list, but I'd probably have to go into a 10 step program to make that happen.

I Quit: 10 Things I Resolve Not To Do in 2019

1. I quit worrying about the extra 15 pounds I'm carrying on my small frame.

2. I quit dieting every fracking day of my life and agonizing over every carb I put in my mouth.

3. I quit delaying things I want to do in favor of doing the things I feel I need to do.

4. I quit putting other people's requests ahead of my own needs. Yep, I'm making my priorities #1.

5. I quit doing the easy trivial things first in favor of do my priority items first.

6. I quit ignoring the need to take a break and will stop in the middle of the task at hand and go sit on the bench by the lake and just breathe.

7. I quit bemoaning my age when so many people I love are sick and dying because complaining about another birthday is a slap in the face to someone who won't live to see their next birthday.

8. I quit comparing myself to others because it's stupid, superficial, and juvenile and only makes me feel inadequate.

9. I quit complaining about my aches and pains because I have loved ones in much worse condition, and they never complain.

10. I quit getting upset at the local, national, and international news because there's nothing I can do about it.

Takeaway Truth

My advice? Get real. Look at your life and realize you have it pretty darn good. Focus on the positive and forget about all the trivial B.S.


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