31 Days of New Thinking: 3 Days Worth

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We are the product of our thoughts. Many people aren't happy with who or what they are and want to change.

As we all know, Change is hard.

I've always thought that if someone wants to change then one must change one's thoughts.

January 3 — Every cloud has a silver lining. The secret to success is to find that silver lining and make the most of it.

I believe that is true. Find the good, however small it might be in the dark day, and focus on it. It's like nurturing a tiny spark into a flame then into a roaring fire. Look for that spark—that good in the bad event. Finding it requires hope, optimism, and a good attitude. Nurturing it into flame requires persistence, patience, and belief that it's possible.

What you think determines your outcome each day.
January 4 — Have an enduring belief that life will get better day by day.

Those who survive hard times, bad news, and tragedy, must have a deep abiding belief that life will get better. Believe that with every fiber of your being.

January  5 —If you opened your eyes and breathed this morning, then you have a second chance at life. Seize that chance.

A new day is a second chance to make a new start, to right wrongs, to think differently, to try new things, to keep persisting. Seize each day as if it were your last and wring every thing you can from it.

Takeaway Truth

I hope you're enjoying 31 Days of New Thinking. I truly hope it will help you change the way you think so you can make positive changes in yourself and your world. Good luck.

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