Great New Tool For DIY Graphic Design

Authors, are you artistically challenged when it comes to making "teasers" for your books?

Have you tried free website apps, but find them not user-friendly? Or even worse, the end graphic image teaser looks amateurish?

If so, you might want to rush over to Covers Sell Books, the new kid on the block, and sign up for one of their FREE Limited Plans that allow you to create 3 images per month--yes, for free! This trial is a limited version of their Plus Plan.

They are giving away only 1,000 of these Trial Free Plans. First come; first served. So read on and see why you should do this.


I've reviewed a lot of website apps that offer DIY graphic design. Most of the free apps have drawbacks.

Ease of use and lack of sufficient art and/or fonts are the most annoying issues. The result is that the user finds them difficult or confusing to use, and they're not happy with the end result.

When I was asked to test and review Covers Sell Books I figured it would be pretty much like the others, but that wasn't the case.

With over a million backgrounds to choose from and a no-brainer interface, it's so easy to create the image you need that you'll probably make them your go-to site for graphic image teasers and ads.

Try out their Custom Creator right now. Watch the short Demo Video, and it talks you through every step of creating an image. (Remember, this is based on the Plus Plan, but the free trial does not contain all the features of the paid Plus Plan.)

How It Works

1. Identify what you want to create by selecting a template--you'll see the correctly sized ones for Facebook, Twitter, etc., or manually enter the size dimensions you want.
2. Upload your book cover.

3. Select your background from over a million choices.

I made this image in just a few minutes.
4. Select your book template. Do you want your cover to appear as a 3D ebook or hardcover? Or both?

5. Add any text you want to appear on the teaser.

6. Stamps. This is really cool. You can add the badge icons for Amazon, GooglePlay, Kobo, iBooks, etc. They even have the gold stars you can use to indicate 5 star book!

7. Want a border around your image? Click More Options and select the thickness and the color.

8. Click download, and that's all there is to it.

All images you add to your teaser can be resized.

Easy, Fast, Affordable

With Covers Sell Books you really can create images that look professionally-designed--images that make your book stand out. That's worth a lot. If you don't grab one of the thousand free subscriptions, this website app is still affordable and worth what you pay.

The Starter Plan is $5.00 per month, paid annually, so that's $60.00. For that you are able to create Unlimited Images, and you have access to a limited number of 3D Templates, and dozens of images for background art. This is a basic package for creating your social media images.

The Plus Plan is $8.00 per month, paid annually, so that's $96.00. For that, you are able to create Unlimited Images, a variety of pre-designed social media templates, access to 1 Million Background Images, the ability to upload your own background art, and custom text.

Takeaway Truth

If you've been going crazy trying to create stunning images, then sign up now for the free trial.

When you see how fast and easy it is to create great images, you'll want to sign up for one of the paid plans.

Covers Sell Books takes the guesswork out of graphic design for social media and book ads.


  1. You're welcome! Hope you land one of the free trial slots.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Joan!

  3. Hmmm, I'll have to check this out. Sounds pretty great! thanks for sharing.