When Getting Affairs in Order, Remember Websites

In today's world, there's more to getting your affairs in order than writing a will or leaving a letter so Cousin Betty gets your string of pearls.

Now you have to do something about all of your online accounts and passwords.

Facebook makes it easy by letting you designate someone who can "inherit" your account there.

That's great, but what about all the other online sites where you have content posted?

What happens to an online savings account if your heir doesn't have the password? Do you know?

The Answer Is

Of course, the answer is to create a document with a list of all the websites where you have a Login.

1. Give the URL, your Login name or email, and the password.

2. Place the document in a safe deposit box.

3. Leave a copy of the document with your lawyer who drafted your will.

4. Leave a copy of the document with the executor/executrix of the will.

5. Make sure your spouse has a copy of it also.

6. Never leave your password list on your computer unless you set a strong password so the list can't be hacked or even viewed by someone who may have access to your home like a repair person or a casual acquaintance who attends a big house party.

While we're on the subject, be smart about passwords. I know you've heard this advice countless times, but create smart passwords.

Never use birthdates, anniversary, string of consecutive numbers or letters, street names, city names, etc.

Takeaway Truth

Take care of your due diligence and get this done now.

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