Quick Blog Tip: Give Details

Monday is the perfect day to give another tip from my upcoming book on blogging.

Many bloggers think they can just rattle off something without giving the pertinent details required by the most basic exposition. What are those basic details?

The 6 Basic Details

1. Who?
2. What?
3. When?
4. Where?
5. Why?
6. How?

Remember this was taught in English composition. Maybe the teacher called it the 5 W's plus How.

Why Give These 6 Details

Never assume the reader is on the same wave length as you and immediately knows what you're writing about.

This basic tenet of writing--giving these 6 details quickly--clue the reader in to what an article or post is about. This hooks the reader into reading more to get the information those details promise.

Write your posts this way and especially write a multi-part series using this technique. If you're covering a topic with many facets that you plan to write as a three-part series or something similar, giving the 6 basic details at the beginning of each part is like a TV show that presents scenes of previous episodes--sometimes with a voice over: "Previously on The Big Bang Theory."

Takeaway Truth

Include those 6 details then give your information, and give it in grammatically-correct, well-chosen words, and you'll turn a casual visitor into a follower.

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