Thursday3Some: Halloween Kisses by Susan R. Hughes

I'm happy to be having coffee with my friend, Sweet Romance author Susan R. Hughes. That's kind of a neat trick because Susan lives in Ontario, Canada, and I'm in Texas.

About Susan R. Hughes

Susan writes contemporary and historical romance novels set in Canada. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario, with her husband and three children.

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About Halloween Kisses

One kiss can change everything!
Dulcie has had a secret crush on her co-worker Rowan for ages, but she’s too shy to let him know, and preoccupied with raising her rebellious teenage sister. When she bumps into him in the darkness of a haunted barn, she can't resist stealing just one kiss.

That kiss enchants Rowan. If only he could figure out the identity of the woman whose kiss haunts him. While running from a troubled past, he may find that the woman he least suspects could lead him out of the dark forever.

1. When did you write Halloween Kisses?

It’s a brand-new release that I wrote over the summer. It’s available for pre-release now for only 99cents, and will be published on October 6.

2. What was the spark that gave you the story idea?

When I decided to write a Halloween book, I knew I wanted a scene at a masquerade ball. This led me to the idea of a very shy woman who wears a metaphorical mask every day, hiding herself and her feelings in order to shield herself from rejection. Halloween is the day she finally finds the strength to shed her mask and show the world, and the man she loves, who she really is.

3. Why do readers buy Halloween Kisses?

Sweet romance fans will buy it because it’s the perfect time of year for a tender love story with a Halloween theme.

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Takeaway Truth

Get in the Trick or Treat mood with Halloween Kisses by Susan R. Hughes.


  1. Replies
    1. Any time, Susan. Next time I'll bake a cake.

    2. I take my coffee hot, strong and with cream. :) I love the theme of your new book, Susan. It sounds like a wonderful love story! I'll head over to Amazon and check it out. Good luck.

    3. Carol, you need to drop by SlingWords and we'll have coffee and cake. The great thing about cyber cake? No calories.

  2. Waving hello to Joan and Susan. I have Susan's Halloween Kisses on pre-order along with Sweet Christmas Kisses 2, the boxed set that contains one of her Christmas books.

    I love Susan's books. She writes an intelligent story with heroes and heroines that you'd swear really do exist.

    1. Hello, E, welcome to the midnight martini party. I agree with what you said about Susan's books.