Video: 3 Things I Learned Recently

I've been doing a lot of videos lately since I have several new releases coming out.

(See April Giveaway below for details.)

3 Things I Learned Recently

1. I've been a long-time Animoto user. Last month, I upgraded to a Pro Membership. It's totally worth it. I was paying $5 and $10 bucks a pop to upgrade each video to HD. It's free if you're a pro member.

You also get access to more themes, music, image and video clips.

2. An Animoto video created under the Pro plan can contain a Call to Action with a clickable link at the end. This CTA remains in place if you embed the player on your blog or website.

It does not remain in place if you load the video to YouTube or Facebook.  

3. If you're creating a video that you want to use in a YouTube / GoogleAds project, don't use images of people that may be naked or look as if they are. Your ad will be turned down. 

 Please enjoy these videos. Let me know what you think about them. Below the last one, I offer the April Giveaway.

Summer Fire: Love When It's Hot

Love Blooms on Main Street, a Collection of 10 Romance Novels

Cinderella Blue, A Romantic Comedy

 April Giveaway

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel then come back and leave a comment here with your email address to be entered in the April Swag Bag Giveaway (books, gadgets, & more). Prize to be awarded when I return from my trip next week.

Takeaway Truth

A video book trailer is a great way to encapsulate a book's story in a way that makes a big impact.

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