Thursday3Some: Iris Rainbow by Ilona Fridl

Today's Thursday3Some spotlight is shining on Ilona Fridl and her novel Iris Rainbow.

Who Is Ilona Fridl

Ilona writes for The Wild Rose Press. In July, her latest book, Prime Catch, was published.

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About Iris Rainbow

A rock star falls in love with one of his fans. Years later, they meet each other again. Is the love still there?

When did you write Iris Rainbow?

It was my first manuscript that began in the late nineties. I sold four novels before this one, but I knew with revisions, it would be a good story.

What was the spark that gave you the story idea?

Originally, it was the song Your Wildest Dreams by The Moody Blues. I remember thinking to myself, that would be a great story. Also at the same time, I was reading articles about lovers who were torn apart at an early age and went on to establish families. Later, through death or divorce of their spouses, the lovers find each other and fall in love again.

Why do readers buy Iris Rainbow?

Especially for people who lived through the sixties, there will be recognition of events and people who made the decade famous and infamous. And how strong is the power of love.

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Takeaway Truth

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  1. Joan,

    Thank you for hosting me today. I appreciate it! I'll answer any questions you care to ask.

    1. Hello, Ilona! Happy to have you on SlingWords today.

      Okay, readers, any questions?

  2. I'm most attracted to this book because of the time period when they met. That was a special time in my life and the music is one of the things that made it great. I'm so glad you didn't give up on this manuscript. Good luck and great sales!

    1. Thank you, Sandra! It should bring back some memories for Baby Boomers.

    2. Sandra, as I wrote in the review for several music documentaries (will publish on SlingWords tomorrow), music is the soundtrack of all of our lives. American music changed the world! So I think Ilona's book should be appealing to all of us who love music. Rock on!

  3. Peace and Love, dig it! Enjoyed your post -

    1. Thanks for dropping by Ashantay. Rock on!

    2. So happy you dropped by, Ashantay. I love my fellow roses for their support!

    3. Love the cover and the music from that era is one of my favorites!

    4. Hi, Sydney. Totally agree. Some of the best music ever. Why else does it stay alive and keep popping up on contemporary movies, TV, and commercials? Thanks for dropping by. Hope you'll visit frequently.