Thursday3Some: Perfect Match by Carol DeVaney

The Thursday3Some Spotlight is shining brightly on Perfect Match by Carol DeVaney, one of my fellow authors on Authors of Main Street.

About Carol DeVaney

Carol writes heartwarming Contemporary Romance based on family relationships, commitment and sacrifice. She also writes Romantic Suspense, peppered with a dash of humor and grounded in her Southern roots.

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About Perfect Match by Carol DeVaney

Cali Weston and Trace Robbins refuse to embrace forgiveness for different reasons, until they realize happiness depends on just that. Trace carries guilt for his wife's death, and Cali won't play second fiddle to a ghost.

When did you write Perfect March?

Perfect Match was the first book on my road to publication. I'd played with the idea of forgiveness and the main characters for a while. I wrote the book in 2010, but put it aside. I pulled the manuscript from the dust pile in 2012, polished it and e-published in November of 2013.

What was the spark that gave you the story idea?

Most of the stories that run through my head have a thread of forgiveness. I have a weakness for children who have lost a parent, especially their mother. I had twenty-seven-year-old Cali who refused to forgive her beloved father for abandoning her at age twelve. Then came Trace, a single parent of young Dylan, who  blamed himself for his wife's accident.

Dylan, through grief at the loss of his mother, had emotional issues. Enter Cali into their lives. Against her will, Cali and Dylan bond to the point that Dylan only allows Cali to comfort him during his episodes of nightmares. The story escalated from that stage. I find their story full, satisfying and with a happy ending.

Why do readers buy Perfect Match?

I think most readers can identify with a loss, forgiveness and the issues that layer through division in families. Perfect Match also has a thread of humor and suspense. The humor helps lighten the story's overall tone, and the suspense brings about Cali's understanding of her father's abandonment. I believe readers love a good story, where they can take away hope that love is the one thing that lasts. Love is the one influence that links lonely, grieving people together.

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  1. Thank you for hosting me on Thursday3Some, Joan. Your site always has fresh and interesting posts!

    1. My pleasure, Carol. Thanks so much for the kind words.

  2. Sounds like a great story. Will have to get it!! Great interview, ladies!

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    2. Thank you, Jill! I hope you like Cali and Trace's story. Thank you for visiting. :)