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Please welcome Kelly Rae, one of my Authors of Main Street friends.

About Kelly Rae

Kelly Rae writes Contemporary Romance novels that she hopes will touch people and make them want to fall in love for the first time or all over again. She is currently working on a series, the Wedding Novella Series, with a novella out each month this summer. The first of which is titled, Once Upon a Wedding, and is available as part of the Weddings on Main Street Anthology. As of July 1st, it's also available as a single novella.

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Twitter: @KellyRaeBooks

1. In which genre do you write and why that particular genre?

My current releases are all Contemporary Romances, with heat levels from sweet to warm. I started with this genre, because it was one of my favorites to read, so it seemed a natural beginning. In the future I have plans to write Romantic Comedy's and I have at least one Romantic Mystery Series - rolling around in my head.

2. What's your most recent book and what's it about?

My most recent book, is the 2nd novella, in my One Day at a Wedding Series. Every Other Wedding is the followup to Once Upon a Wedding, which debuted a budding relationship between Cassie Anderson and Dan Simmons. Every Other Wedding tells their story from Dan's POV; how they met, what kept them apart in the beginning, and where they are headed now.

3. As an author, what can readers expect when they read one of your books?

I like to add a sense of humor to all of my characters, even the more serious characters will have at least one moment in the story that will make you laugh - now it might be at them, but only when appropriate to the character! I cannot imagine going through life without laughing, it makes the good times better and saves the soul in the bad times!

4. How did you "become" an author? For instance, was there a moment when you said: "I think I'll write a book."

When I was 12, I wrote my first story and won an award in my school district. This was beginning of my addiction to stories. I was always a voracious reader and one day in my teens I thought "Why not? Why couldn't I write a book?" So, I did. Then I got married, had a baby, and ten years passed before I did anything with that first book. Now, it's all I want to do!

5. What's the best thing about being an author?

Getting all of the stories that are rolling around in my head out, so I have room to think and remember where I left my keys.

6. What's the worst thing about being an author?

I think the worst thing is that being a writer is that you really on write about 50% of the time, the rest of the time is spent doing the business side of it all. I much prefer writing to the business side.

7. Do you have editions of your books available other than ebook editions?

Yes, What If... , my debut novel is available in paperback at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

8. Do you listen to audio books? If so, what device do you use?

I think I am a rarity these days, because I don't listen to audio books. I have a tendency to miss chunks of the story when I listen to an audio version. My brain checks out and suddenly I am plotting a scene or another book of my own, rather than listening to the audio book.

9. What device do you use to read ebooks?

I have, and use, both a Kindle and a Nook, with no real preference to either. I still prefer holding an actual book in my hands to read, but it sure is easier to travel with an ereader. I bought my first Nook, when I was headed to Ireland for 13 days. I could have read several books just on the flight there and back, so it was definitely easier to have an ereader than a suitcase full of books.

10. If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring author, what would it be?

Write, write, then write some more and work on a tough skin. It's not every job where everyone around has the ability to critique your work on a daily basis. You have to be able to handle the criticism in a way that won't impede your writing. Oh, and don't quit your day job on the first book. :) It also helps to find author blogs that you enjoy and check them often for tips, updates on the publishing world and how to's.

11. If you could tell readers one thing, what would it be?

I think I would ask them to spread the word when they read a great book, to review that book online or share the title and author with a friend. A book takes a lot of time and effort, on the part of the author, and just saying something nice in a review not only has a chance to make their day (for those that read all of their reviews), but it can also help their sales. Reviews are the lifeblood of authors.

12. What is your big dream (or goal) as a writer?

I would love to make the NY Times Best Seller list, that would be monumental. The ultimate goal is to be able to make a career out of writing, to be able to sustain my life, and that of my son, with my words and stories.

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  1. Kelly, great interview. I think laughing at life and in your life is very important too. Love your covers.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Jill. Love and Laughter are key ingredients in a happy life, aren't they?

  2. I am using kindle ebook reader. And I always having kindle with me and I love to spend my free time with reading it..