Grow Your Video Audience

Your goal in creating a video--other than fun--is to increase your name recognition factor. The more people who see your name; the greater your name recognition.

The end result, one hopes, is to have some of the people interested enough to actually buy your book, or other product. You also hope they will tell a friend about you and get word-of-mouth going about your product. Maybe both will click to buy because your video makes them remember your name, interests them, and entertains them.

Therefore, in posting your video online, you want as many people to see it as possible. That means you must post it in multiple locations. Fortunately, there are many video hosting sites available, and it usually doesn't cost anything to register an account and upload videos.

5 Places To Post Your Video

1. Your own website and blog.

Duh! As soon as I get this novella finished and out the door, I'll be working on my website and blog pages. I changed my design this past summer and life has kept me from completing those respective designs. One of the pages will have my videos.

2. Your favorite social media sites like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn , and Pinterest. You can post your videos there. On Pinterest it can be a board that stays static,

3. YouTube

Of course, this is the biggie. In setting up your channel, go ahead an verify your YouTube account. It's easy. You can have them call your phone or opt to receive a text. When you do this, you get to upload your own image for the thumbnail that appears for each video you upload. There are other perks to doing this too.

YouTube is a social media site that can expand your reach. As with other social media, you will get reciprocation and replies if you click like when you see a video you like, subscribe when you like a user's channel, and comment. You can also save your favorite videos by creating a Playlist. All these ways of interaction will push a video up in the SERP ranking.  You can also monetize your videos on YouTube.

On YouTube, my channel is JoanReevesAuthor.

4. Vimeo

You can create a video using any method and upload it to Vimeo which also offers free account, your own channel, and the opportunity to enhance your created video in several ways. On Vimeo, I'm Joan Reeves.

5. Flickr

Flickr is more than images. You can post video also. A word of warning: if you're looking for more family oriented video fare, Vimeo is probably a better choice. Many of the Flickr videos are adult-rated.

Takeaway Truth

Hope these video tips help you. Next week on May 2, I'll be a guest on Lily Bishop's website and will be giving a couple of video tips there along with posting the Director's Cut of Scents and Sensuality, a book trailer I produced last year and just this week edited. I've learned a lot in a year hence the Director's Cut of this video. (Lily's Book Trailer page)

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