Women Who Lead

Where would the world be without women and men who have a greater vision of what the world can be and who then set out to bring that vision into reality?

I'm proud to know a woman like that. Holly Adams is an actor who was the talent behind two of my audiobooks. Holly produced and was the voice actor for: Old Enough To Know Better and The Trouble With Love (available on Audible and iTunes). She did an amazing job in bringing the characters and books to life.

However, I'm not hear to talk about my audiobooks. I'm here to tell you what my amazing friend Holly is doing now. She's going to Afghanistan. No, she's not a soldier. No, she doesn't have to go to such a dangerous place. She's going because through her talent, she can make a difference in the lives of women and children there. This will be Holly's second trip to war-torn Afghanistan. Her previous experience is what motivates her to return.

In Holly's Own Words

"... bring arts-based community outreach & education to empower teachers and improve lives of women and children with the Afghan Friends Network.

This year, I have the honor of returning to Afghanistan with one of the board members of Afghan Friends Network (http://afghanfriends.net), a nonprofit delivering sustainable programs in education and cultural exchange that nurture potential, promote dignity, and support bold steps in Afghanistan. We will also meet with key stakeholders to learn what's needed next, and what we can do from North America as well."

Please Help

Yes, Holly is going with the Afghan Friends Network, an all-volunteer grassroots effort working "to improve the lives of women and children in Afghanistan and empower educators in a country that has been ravaged for nearly 30 years by war and political strife."

That means that she must bear all the expenses so she has mounted an indiegogo campaign. She needs donations, but she also needs as many people as possible to "like" and share because if the news is passed around enough, it will find enough small donors to make the trip happen.

Holly's indiegogo campaign link:


As of today, she's raised $1,461.00, but she needs $5,500.00. There are 13 days left in the campaign.

Won't you donate to Holly's travel fund? Any amount is welcome. By donating, you'll help her reach out to people who desperately need some inspiration and the belief that life can be better.

Takeaway Truth

Please Tweet and Facebook the link to this post. Pass it on in its entirety via your own blog. Help Holly get to Afghanistan.

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