Darling Hubby is off to Canada today. He'll be on a special project there for a while. I'm trying to make room in my calendar to visit our friendly neighbor to the north since he'll be spending so much time there.

Unfortunately, that's proving difficult because, in a couple of weeks, I'll be monitoring the remodeling project on the townhouse we bought. When that's finished, I'll be moving back to Houston.

I'd like to visit Canada, land of Kobobooks through which I sell quite a few of my contemporary romance novels. Seriously, Canada has stunning vistas and beautiful cities that should make it a tourist destination for everyone.

Unfortunately, most people can't tell most Canadians from Americans. I looked for a wonderful quotation about Canada, but I found few. Most quotes are of a joking nature or, worse, with a negative edginess relating to Canada's shortcomings.

In fact, Helen Gordon McPherson said something that is illustrative of most quotations: "Canadians have been so busy explaining to the Americans that we aren't British, and to the British that we aren't Americans that we haven't had time to become Canadians."

Still, I prefer to shine a positive light on my Sunday subjects for Written Wisdom so I'll leave you with what Churchill said about Canada: "There are no limits to the majestic future which lies before the mighty expanse of Canada with its virile, aspiring, cultured, and generous-hearted people."

Takeaway Truth

Right now, it's 95 degrees F. outside -- in the shade. Today would be a great time to visit Canada where, I understand, the temperature is 67. That sounds wonderful!

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