The Winner Is... Uh, Hmm

Okay, I'm not really cranky, but this picture makes me smile.

Today, the first week's prizes were to be awarded. But, guess what? I'm not in my temporary cramped office today. By the time you read this, which is scheduled to post at 4 AM, I'll be on the road to Houston.

I'm Such A Good Mom *g*

My youngest daughter called for help. You see, she too bought a house, but her closing was long delayed. She had to place her furniture in storage since she needed to vacate the leased townhome the first week in July. Finally, after a lot of delays and turmoil -- long story, ask me sometime in person, and I'll tell you -- she and s-i-l closed on their first home Monday.

They have a cleaning crew coming in Tuesday and the moving company delivers everything from storage on Wednesday, and the unpacking begins! Like a good Mom, I told her I'd come right away and help.

What Gives?

It must have been something in the water because darling hubby and I sold and bought a house. Oldest son and wife sold and bought a house. Daughter and son-in-law bought their first house. We all ended up closing from last week to this past Monday. Crazy, huh?

I'll be back Friday, I hope. Winners will be announced the next day. The good news is the delay gives you more chances to comment and win a prize. Don't forget to give your email address with your comment.

Takeaway Truth

Gosh, I spent 4 days catching up on email and blogs. Now I'll be out of the office with no Wifi until Friday. {sigh} Just can't stay caught up, darn it.


  1. Congrats on the house sale and new house lol.

  2. kimmyl ... Thanks. Really weird but older son, younger daughter, and I closed on houses this summer.