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Today is the 3rd day since changed to a new design with a new URL and name --

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The blog moved, and I physically moved after selling my house. Now I'm ensconced in my weekend "cabin" in the Hill Country for the next 4 months -- staring at stacks of boxes that contain the clutter I cleaned out of our home when I was giving it the HGTV treatment prior to selling.

What's Your Clutter Downfall?

Seeing all this clutter forced the revelation on me that I don't need -- or want -- all this. Most of the stuff had been packed away in the attic and closets for years so it's not as if any of it is needed. Now I'm doing what I should have done before moving it all here: going through every box and filling bags and boxes for charity donations and for the kids if they want it.

So what do you hang onto that you really don't need but feel compelled to keep? Answer that question in a Comment on this post, and you'll be entered to win one of these fabulous Week 1 Prizes:

This Week's Prizes

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Take The Vow

I think all of us in America have too much stuff. So take the pledge today to pare down. My grandfather always said: "Use it up; wear it out. Make it do, or do without." I'd like to amend that so it reads: "Use it up, or give it up. Wear it out, make it do, or do without."

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  1. Books. Definetly books.You can always re-read them. New site looks really good.

  2. Ah, divavixenqueen, I'll make a confession. I have a 5x5 storage unit filled with boxes of books. Sigh. I donated a lot but just couldn't part with the ones in these boxes.

    Thanks. Glad you like the new site.

  3. Boxes of books (I should send them to a nursing home for the inbound to read-some of the books are 40 yrs old), keepsakes, drawings and crafts from my children, grandchildren and my friends children. Precious Moment figurines, other figurines including Hummels. Stg bldg, garage, attic all filled. Probably over 2,000 books (all read). Please enter me in your contest & maybe it will include someone to take out the junk. lol

  4. Hello, Pat. Sounds as if have the same clutter addiction. I'm happy to enter you in the giveaway. What's your email address?

  5. Books, clothing that I hope to fit back into (lol), kids pictures, drawings, and grades. Old purses, shoes really too much stuff. I really need to get into my attic one day and get rid of some stuff. Just have a hard time doing so.

    kac_030 at yahoo dot com

  6. Hello, again, kimmyl. All of my attic stuff is now in boxes clogging up the entry way and guest rooms of my weekend house where I'm staying until Nov.