Bestselling Author Patricia Kay Teaches

USA Today Bestselling Author Patricia Kay teaches as well as writes. Learn from a master about how to make a scene in her a new class that starts March 25.

Making A Scene

This is a Two Week Master Class, an intensive class concentrating on writing compelling, dramatic, exciting scenes.

Pat said, "We will study various types of scenes and the components necessary to make sure each scene is completely effective. You will learn a new way to look at your scenes and how to give each scene the test to see if it's doing the job you want it to do."

During the 14-day class, there will be 12 lessons presented with homework assigned for each. Questions and discussion will be encouraged. You'll have the chance to post different types of scenes to be read and critiqued.

Prerequisite for the class: each student must currently have at least 100 pages of a work in progress.

Dates: Sunday, March 25th, through Saturday, April 7th

Cost: $40 per student


To sign up and pay through PayPal, visit Pat's website and click the PayPal link which gives instructions for how to make payment.

Pat also has a special offer for her students from the January class, Challenge to Write, so be sure and click the link to obtain a discounted rate.

If you have any questions, email Pat: classes at patriciakay dot com.

Takeaway Truth

If you need to improve your narrative skills, now is the chance to learn from bestselling author Patricia Kay.

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