My So-Called Wise Words

I've been so tied up in the techno war that I nearly forgot to invite everyone to Marilyn Brant's blog, Brant Flakes, tomorrow.

Marilyn interviewed me and had some probing questions which I did my best to answer. Hopefully, I sounded as if I had a couple of brain cells left in my head.

Marilyn and I have back to back new books. My recent Romeo and Judy Anne was published last Wednesday. Marilyn's new book Double Dipping (cute, cute cover!) will be published the end of August.

New Books From Other Authors

Elaine Raco Chase has been a busy little bee. Elaine, a multi-number 1 Waldenbooks Bestseller, has been publishing her sophisticated romantic comedies as ebooks. In the last two weeks, she's published Lady Be Bad and Double Occupancy. That brings her ebook list to six--each with fun, sexy covers.

Also coming up this month with a new book is Cynthia Wicklund who will be publishing Book 4 of The Garden Series, In the Garden of Deceit.

I know I'm probably forgetting to mention someone. I'll try to post a list later with new releases which may interest you. In the meantime, kick back and read a good ebook.

Ebook Success

Tomorrow, I should be able to dig the rest of my next post on Ebook Success: Ad Copy, Part 2, from the clutches of my ailing hard drive and upload it for you. Please check back after lunch when I should have the desktop PC back from the hospital.

Takeaway Truth

Dealing with sick computers is not fun. Discovering new authors and visiting other blogs is fun so I'm going to do a lot of escapist reading this week!

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  1. They WERE wise words, Joan!! Thanks for the shout out about Double Dipping, too ;).