In the Garden of Deceit by Cynthia Wicklund

At last, my pain has been eased. Cynthia Wicklund published the last of her Garden Series.

In the Garden of Deceit (Book 4 of The Garden Series) is live and available on Amazon Kindle now. I've been eagerly waiting for this book since I finished the third book months ago.

The wait was worth it because James, Earl Lonsdale, is the kind of hero women want. Sure, he's handsome, but he's a man in need of the love of a good woman. Amanda Campbell, daughter of a wealthy businessman, is just the woman he needs. The trouble is that he doesn't know it yet, but, he suspects that may be the case.

James isn't a rake, and he isn't a scoundrel. He's a good man who sees to his responsibilities, and that's an admirable trait in a man, and in a fictional hero. It's those same responsibilities that nearly destroy his chance at happiness.

Cynthia Wicklund creates the most appealing characters and makes their sterling qualities as believable as their foibles. She imbues them with wisdom and creates heartwarming relationships that make you root for them to get their happy ending.

Just when you think that James and Amanda's love, built on deceit, cannot possibly withstand the truth, Ms. Wicklund waves her magic authorial wand and. . . well, you'll have to read In the Garden of Deceit to find out what happens. I can't loan you my copy because it's behind a digital lock and key on my keeper shelf.

Takeaway Truth

Wonderful love story. Get it today.

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