Angela Knight

Today, my guest star is Angela Knight. Angela is the author of Master of Shadows which was released this month and is available in paperback and Kindle editions.

This morning, Angela has something profound to say about the opportunities offered to writers by the indie book movement.

Here's Angela Knight

As professionals, we all know writing is a craft that takes time to learn. Marketing your book and getting reader attention ALSO takes time and experience. We're all flailing around trying to figure out what will work in this crazy new world.

But the fact that more e-readers are on the way suggests that there is a fabulous market gathering steam. What's more, indie-authors can aim for niches that the traditional publishers can't because the reader pool is too damned tiny to be worth a big pub's attention. Or maybe the big pub just THINKS it's too tiny.

Do you love traditional sweet Regencies, or westerns, or whatever? You can bet there are readers out there who love the same thing. And because the cost of reaching those readers is relatively tiny, you can easily turn a profit once you connect with them.

Just figure out what you love -- what you most want to write -- and then write it . You can be pretty sure there are readers out there hungry for whatever it is. There is plenty of room for all of us, whether we're paranormal erotic romance novelists, Inspirational Christan writers, writers of Native American romances, Civil War romances, or Ancient Rome romances or whatever. Heck, even football romances. Whatever your secret passion is--the one your agent told you nobody would be interested in--you can finally go for it.

For example, I love superheroes, because I'm a comic book geek. Have been since I was nine years old. Floated such an idea at my editor a couple of years ago, and she slapped me down hard.

Now I can write that superhero romance--the same one some of my readers have been asking for. And I can produce it--even illustrate it with my 3-d artwork. And enjoy the hell out of myself while I do it. It may take a while for that book to get discovered, but since it will never go out of print and I don't have to worry about earning out an advance, there's no pressure. Just fun.

This is a wonderful opportunity. We can finally publish the books of our hearts without worrying about writing to the freaking market. If you don't like vampires or YA or whatever the heck your editor wants you to write, don't write it. Write your love instead.

Readers will love you right back.


  1. Big fangirl *squee* for Angela!

    And I got the same line about my zombie romance from several agents and editors. They couldn't tell me what was wrong with the book, other than "it won't sell."

    Now I must go purchase Master of Shadows!

  2. Suzan Harden ... I know what you mean about fan girl moment.


  3. E-books are opening opportunities to new writers who would never be published in the past--both good and bad. But definitely very democratic.