Fiona Sparkles On Burn Notice

From the very beginning, I've adored Burn Notice. I've written about it before, telling you what makes it one of my favorite shows.

Part of that is the contribution of Matt Nix, the writer and show runner. He had a clear vision of the kind of show he wanted, and his writing supports that premise in every episode.

Burn Notice Babe

Sorry, I could not resist the alliteration. Let's talk about Gabrielle Anwar. Another time I'll write about the remarkable Sharon Gless because she deserves her own spotlight.

Simply put, Gabrielle Anwar is Fiona Glenanne. I can't imagine another actress in the role. She makes you believe she's a former IRA gunrunner with the ability to kick any bad guy's ass, cook up a batch of plastic explosive, and drive like an Indy 500 winner -- all while looking as if she could stroll any fashion runway.

The lovely Ms. Anwar couldn't possibly weigh more than 110 pounds soaking wet so her ability to make you believe she could do all those things means that she is one heck of an actress. I'd just love to know how many hours in the gym she has to spend to make her slender body so ripped, with 12 pack abs that any body builder would envy.

Her Character

Fiona will do anything to protect children, and the tough operative has a soft heart and a deep, abiding love for Michael Westen, the burned spy who just won't commit. Her love for him has weathered years of their on again/off again relationship. Beneath her bomb manufacturing, sniper rifle expertise beats the heart of a romantic who wants a happily ever after with Michael.

Her Role Alone

I can guarantee that because Gabrielle Anwar is captivating in this role that no one else could play. That, my friends, is the truth revealed. When you see an actress in a role, and you can't imagine anyone else playing that role, then that means the actress was made for that role. She has captured it and won't let go.

Takeaway Truth

Tune in to Burn Notice and, as a writer, each week you'll receive a lesson in characterization. Apply what you see to the characters you're writing, and you'll be ahead of the game.


  1. Burn Notice is the only show on television I watch. I think the writing's terrific. I adore the humor. Isn't Sam great? I totally love Michael Weston. (and his mom) The show also has pathos.

    The technical know-how is awesome.

    This series is in a class by itself.

    And did I mention Miami Beach? My Number One Son is in South Beach this July 4 weekend. And I've made him a Burn Notice convert.

    But, Joan, the only way Gabrielle weighs 110 is if she's holding an assault rifle!

  2. Cheryl Bolen said...only way Gabrielle weighs 110 is if she's holding an assault rifle!

    LOL! OMG, so true, Cheryl, but, somehow, she's convincing anyway.

    Happy 4th!