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I'm a bit under the weather today. My 17 houseguests (3 of which were babies) wore me out. Though I'm back in the office, I've yielded to the feeling that I need to take a day off so I'm posting something short and sweet. (If I feel better tomorrow, I'll start the "how to sell 20,000 ebooks series in less than 3 months.")

This will interest authors who are publishing, or thinking of publishing, with the English language platform of XinXii, the European digital publishers.

Breaking News

CEO Andrea Schober emailed me to say they had adopted another suggestion I'd made about how they could promote the authors on their site: featuring the authors so visitors could get to know them and hopefully be interested enough to buy their books.

They liked the idea so have started the "Featured Author" section on the frontpage of XinXii. I am humbled and flattered because they chose my author profile to begin. That's what the picture illustrating this post is: XinXii's Featured Author which, when clicked, takes you to my profile page.

Tips By Experts

Since XinXii is actively working to help authors with book marketing, they've got more changes planned. One already implemented is in the section Book Marketing for Authors where they support indie authors and help market their works. A new section Tips by Experts has been added.

This section will be constantly filled by the know-how and the great experiences of professionals. Every approved expert in self-publishing, the eBook industry, SEO, Twitter Marketing, Facebook Marketing etc. is welcome to participate with guest articles. The objective? Share basic and useful know-how and experience on how to increase eBook sales, readers, fan-base, etc.

Takeaway Truth

Selling ebooks should be a joint partnership between author and retailer and/or distributor. It's nice when you come across a retailer/distributor who seems to believe that too.

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing the news! Best from Germany, Andrea