Upgrades from XinXii

I had an email from Dr. Andrea Schober, the CEO of XinXii, the European digital publishing platform about which I've written in the past. My ebooks are on the English language platform of XinXii.

Andrea wanted to tell me about some changes at XinXii. What's really neat is that it's changes I had suggested several weeks ago that are designed to aid authors in increasing their visibility. I'm flattered that the powers that be thought they would be good changes to make.

3 New Things

1. They have changed the layout, so when you now click on an author name, you'll see the author page and bibliography. Additionally, each author can make use of his personal link and author badges for marketing purposes (see "My XinXii > Marketing").

2. I had suggested they move Biographies/Memoirs to Nonfiction from Fiction/Literature. They did this while integrating new sub-categories in Biographies.

3. They've removed the keyword box which had been stuffed with the names of other authors who, ironically, weren't published on XinXii. Writers had used the famous author name in hopes of luring readers to their books, likened to the famous author's work. XinXii is designing other functions to optimize the usability of XinXii. Those will be announced soon.

Takeaway Truth

One of the best things about digital publishing is the responsiveness of the publishers to suggestions when they have analyzed and found those suggestions credible.

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing the news, Joan.

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