To Print Or Not To Print

I finished my third ebook Still The One, another romantic comedy, and uploaded it to all the digital platforms. It should be available for purchase in a couple of days.

In the meantime, I'm cleaning out my office and staring at piles of paper that I've accumulated since the first of the year. Saving printed material for later reading is just an expensive way to procrastinate.

This clutter isn't as bad as it used to be when I was always printing articles and research in order to read at a later date. Seldom did I find the time to sit down and peruse all that wonderful information.

Reality Of The Situation

Last year, I finally faced reality and made the decision to find a better way to save all this reading matter. I stopped printing 90% of what I found and that saved paper. Paper costs for a writer can be huge even if, like me, you print on both sides of a page.

Without those stacks of articles facing me, I didn't feel overwhelmed and semi-depressed whenever I saw all that stuff laying around, waiting for me to "find time."

Add A Helper

A small Firefox Add On called Read It Later helped me conquer the paper monster. I save money on printing, reduce that overwhelm sensation, and still get my content saved to read. What's interesting is that I seem to get more of this content read too.

There are any number of applications that give similar solutions to this problem. Another one is Later This.

Takeaway Truth

Eliminate procrastination, reduce expense, and save a few trees with the help of good software applications.

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