3 Things To Avoid When Promoting

Since I've got a couple of ebooks out in the world, I'm like all the other authors in wanting readers to discover my funny romances. Unlike many authors though, I don't want to do the online equivalent of jump in front of your face and scream, "Look, look, look at my book."

Of course, with new books, it's hard not to do that. In fact, in the first throes of success, it's impossible not to do that, but most of us pardon exuberance because we understand the excitement and emotion of getting a book in front of readers. This knowledge and my own fevered proclamations inspired today's blog.

One of my pet peeves is rudeness in writers. If you have a blog, you'll know what I mean. The writers who make the blog rounds, posting comments, telling you how great THEIR books are and dropping hot links within the comment like a caged gerbil suffering from diarrhea.

That, and witnessing a recent debacle on a discussion board, inspired today's Thursday3Some.

3 Things To Avoid in the Name of Promotion

1. Do NOT post the following on anyone's blog, a discussion board, or their social network wall or page: "Hi, my name is Ima Writer and I just published the most wonderful novel of all time. It's the best because it ignores all those cliches this genre is known for. I use a person of the opposite sex as the viewpoint character and defy all the conventions most books of this genre have. Here's the story line. Four long paragraphs later, "so buy my book at ImaGreatWriter.com."

Honestly, I witnessed that and the fallout over a 48 hour period recently. Names withheld and genre not named to protect the tarred and feathered author.

2. Do NOT engage in slamming another author's book in order to promote yours as better. Yep. Seen that too often to count. If you're an author, NEVER publicly dis another author. You know how hard it is to write a book so why stomp on someone else's hard work? If you can't be successful without disparaging others, then obviously you don't deserve to be.

3. Do NOT take from anyone and everyone without giving something in return. Don't steal their words, rearrange them, and post on your blog. Send your readers to the originating site. If an author has helped you with solid advice, buy her or his book. If you frequent a website or blog that's helpful, click their PayPal button to donate or, again, buy a book. If you use shareware because it's good and helps you, donate.

If you have a blog to promote your name and your work, then give the people who visit your blog something of substance, as in good content. Give them information they can use. Sometimes it may just be a good laugh. Other times it might be a how to article that will help them. All the time it should be of value.

Takeaway Truth

Racking up good sales is important, but it's more important to help others. Pay it forward, not because you're looking for more sales, but because, succinctly put, it's good karma. And it will make you feel good too.


  1. Always good advice! Most of this we learned in kindergarten, but seem to forget as an adult. Simply put, "What goes around, comes around" so put your best foot forward!

  2. Good morning, Stacey!

    Yep! What goes around, comes around is exactly what we should all remember.

    The author I mentioned in the blog? The other people on that thread made the comment that they had written down her name and title so they'd be sure never to buy it!


  3. Hear! Hear! You really nailed this topic, Joan. I could not believe some of the examples you cited. I have seen lots of in-you-face promoting, but not anything to these extremes.

  4. Hi, Maryann! Nice of you to visit. Oh, my, yes, some authors give all of us a bad name. I've actually heard stories of even worse behavior. Since I didn't personally witness it, I didn't include it.