3 PC Components To Clean

Have you seen that gross report that's going around the Internet about E. Coli found on computers, cell phones, and other popular electronics? Yuk.

And I thought crumbs in the keyboard were bad! That's a cleanliness crime I'm guilty of because I find myself eating lunch in front of the computer, and I bet I'm not the only out there who does this.

Periodically, I clean my keyboard, the monitor screen, and the mouse. This is an easy undertaking, and one everyone should do regularly. In fact, I'm marking my calendar to do it every week from now one.

3 Computer Components To Clean

1. The keyboard. Don't let your keyboard be a health risk. Turn your keyboard (or your laptop) upside down and gently shake it to loosen crumbs and other debris. Use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol (not dripping with the disinfectant, but damp) and use them to get out something that might be lodged. Then take a disinfectant wipe and run it over the surfaces.

2. The monitor. There are special cleansers for monitors that you can pick up in any office supply store or the office section of a big-box store. Just follow the directions. I have a cleaning wand for monitors that looks like a padded squeegy. I just run it over the monitor to remove dust and finger prints. For anything tougher, use the special cleaning spray.

3. The mouse. If yours has a roller ball, it usually lets you know it needs cleaning because the ball gets "stuck" sometimes. Just put alcohol on a cotton ball and clean the rubber ball of the mouse. Then use a disinfectant wipe to clean the whole surface. If you have an optical or infrared mouse, you just need to clean the surfaces.

Takeaway Truth

Keeping your computer equipment germ-free is easy, and you'll feel better knowing it's not a germ factory.

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