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Software is expensive. In the past, on this blog and my other one, I've posted about freeware and shareware websites that offer similar applications for the expensive products used by most of the world, i.e., Open Office Suite instead of the Microsoft Office Suite. I've also posted about websites where you can register to win their software of the day offer.

This Post's For You

Today I want to tell you about websites that offer the expensive software packages at deep discounts for Students and their parents. These websites also offer these reduced prices to teachers. Most teachers already know this, or they get even bigger discounts through their school districts so this blog post isn't directed at them.


Student discounted software is usually available to students and their parents in these categories: K-12 Students, Home School Students, and College/University Students. You have to submit proof of eligibility at most sites. Billing and shipping is usually in the parents' names.

Sample Websites

Here are a few of the many sites, in alphabetical order, where you can purchase software at student discount prices. This post is not an endorsement of any particular site. Do your own homework and check them out in order to make a wise choice.

Academic Superstore

Campus Tech



On The Hub

Student Discounts

Takeaway Truth

Why pay full price when there are bargains to be had if you're eligible, and most of us are, so always shop around.

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