Jennifer Schuett: Hero

Take a close look at this police artist sketch. That's what this blog post is all about. This sketch was created for wide dissemination so I think I'm okay in posting it here, and I didn't see the photo on The Houston Chronicle website where I checked after reading the article by Harvey Rice in the September 11, 2009, edition.

This is important. Please read on. You have my permission to forward this blog post, reprint it on your own blog or do whatever to get this news out. Use it in its entirety so others know you have my permission to post it.


I like the term hero to apply to men and women because the feminine version, heroine, seems to lack the spirit of the male appellation. That's why I'm calling Jennifer Schuett a hero rather than a heroine. She has stepped forward, revealing her name and showing her scars, in order to find her assailant.

Needs Our Help

Please visit The Houston Chronicle to read her story, view the video, and read the description of the man who has walked the streets, a free man, for 19 years since attacking Jennifer. After reading this, you'll probably find yourself wondering, as I did, how many more children and women he's probably attacked.

August 10, 1990

Jennifer was only 8 years old. She was taken during the night from her bed by a man. He cut her throat after raping her. Then he dragged her to a deserted field. She regained consciousness as she was being dragged over the rough ground. Smart girl that she was, she knew he thought she was dead so she kept her eyes closed.

He threw her naked body on top of an ant bed and walked away, leaving her for dead. Jennifer was a tough little girl with a will to live. She lay there, bleeding and too weak to move or call out, but she hung on. The next day, a group of kids playing nearby found her.

She survived. The wide scar on her throat and the scars all over her body from the ant bites attest to her ordeal and the strength of her spirit. Now, she's brave enough to tell her story and let the public put a face to her horrific ordeal in hopes of stopping the man who did this and making him pay for what he did.

What's Happening

Back in 1990, DNA technology wasn't advanced enough to get results from small samples. Now it is. The trace evidence on her bloody clothing and a man's tee shirt, found by police near where she'd been dumped, can now be tested for a match, and that's happening even as I write this.

Doctors had told her she would never speak again because her larynx had been cut. They were wrong. She's not only speaking, but she's telling the world what happened. Once a suspect is found, DNA evidence will tell the rest of the story.

Jennifer is working toward a degree in criminology. She wants to help crime victims because she certainly knows what it feels like to be one. She credits Dickinson, Texas, police detective Tim Cromie and FBI Special Agent Richard Rennison with getting the FBI lab to retest the clothing.

Why Post This

I'm writing this blog post, not because this is such a compelling story though it is that, but because we are an extremely mobile society. We move a lot. We vacation. Jennifer's assailant may still be in the Houston area, but he may not. Maybe he's in Montana now or Maine or Mexico. Who knows where he is? Also, who knows how many he has assaulted and/or killed? Men like him don't stop until they're off the streets or dead.

The purpose of this blog post is for everyone to see the sketch and to know Jennifer's story and to know that this man, if he's still alive, needs to be brought to justice. Jennifer's story was scheduled to air yesterday on America's Most Wanted.

Go to the Chronicle's website. Read the story. Watch the video interview with Jennifer. Study the police artist sketch. If you knew this man then or know him now, call the FBI at 713-693-5000.

Takeaway Truth

The Internet audience is a big one. Spread this blog post far and wide. Someone, somewhere, is bound to have known this man.


  1. Hi. I just watched that episode of America's Most Wanted and was inspired by Jennifer. I "googled" her name because I wanted to see how much was written about her. I came across your blog and I'd like to thank you. Her story needs to be spread and that man needs to be found.

  2. Hello, Elizabeth. I wish everyone could read this blog and pass it on. The Internet is a huge resource that could be used to ensure that men like that couldn't hide in some corner of the world.

    Somebody probably can recognize him from the drawing. So that drawing needs to be seen everywhere.

  3. Thanks for posting this, a friend of mine googled my name and e-mailed me to let me know about your blog. Thank you for being a part of my journey for justice,and for spreading the word about my unsolved case!


  4. Jennifer, you are more than welcome. I hope my blog post may help spread the word.

    If I can do anything else to help, don't hesitate to let me know.

    Stay strong.

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves

  5. I just read Jennifer's story for the first time and started crying. I'm SO proud of her and admire her for what she's doing. I hope the filth who did this is found and will do my part to help - regardless of how little it may seem. If everyone does a little, it could make a big difference!

  6. I read your story. My heart goes out to you. You are in my prayers. This animal must be found. You are beautiful, and G-d willing you will know only happiness going foward.

    NY male

  7. My prayers are with Jennifer. I want to thank you, too, for using "hero" rather than "heroine" - this is really very important. The feminine versions of words have diminutive endings with connotations of "smaller" or "less than" (e.g., stewardess, waitress, actress)!

  8. Thank you for spreading the word about this horrible man and what he did to this precious young woman. I work in the criminal justice system and reading this story has angered me more than anything I have dealt with, or read in a long time. I wish the investigators success in finding this dog and prosecuting him to the fullest extent of the law. I can not think of any punishment that is too harsh for him. God bless Jennifer and all involved in the search.

  9. Thank you for writing this blog, and for helping to find this child/woman's attacker. I am a mother and I would be happy to talk to and join up with any mothers who feel as sad and sickened by stories like this. What can we do? I think at the very least fight to keep pedophiles in jail permanently (as they almost always seem to strike again), and further to find other ways to ensure our children our safe. Feel free to contact me if this is your goal


  10. Thank you, everyone, for commenting.

    (I must apologize for the errors in my blog post. I was sick with "immunization-induced" flu when I wrote it. I've edited the post today since I'm back at the computer.)

    If everyone can spread the word by either copying my blog post in its entirety or posting a link to it, then that will help.

    I truly believe that the more eyes that see that photo and read Jennifer's story, the better the chance that this man can be found if he's still alive.

    If he's dead, it would be some sense of comfort that he's not out there still committing atrocities on other girls or women.

    Rehabilitation of pedophiles and rapists is practically impossible. I don't know that you can fix people who are broken in these ways.

    I suspect Jennifer's attacker isn't "just" a pedophile. He's a serial murderer. I'd be surprised if there weren't other victims who weren't lucky enough to survive. And that's another reason the artist sketch should be spread across the planet.

  11. Great news! They caught the bastard.

  12. I am so glad they caught this guy and what a awesome job she did years ago in describing him. I wish her the best of luck today and alwasys.

  13. i am so happy for her to have a chance to confront the animal that took her innocence but not her spirit

  14. Jennifer's strength, determination and will to survive is truly an inspiration.

  15. Hi, I just read Jennifer's story, and how they caught her attacker recently. Congratulations, Jennifer, on staying strong all these years. You are an inspiration to all of us!

  16. what a beautiful young woman you have grown to be. Not many people could do what you've done.
    v martin

  17. I am also a survivor(May 14, 1980), and Jennifer Schuett is a true hero, and a brave young woman. I am so glad that, finally, there will be justice after 19 years. I remember reading about her case when it happened. And please, let's not forget the CARD team (Child Abduction Rapid-Deployment) of the FBI, who were given this case and ran it until they got results. Never short-change DNA technology, and never doubt the tenacity of both survivors and law enforcement specialists. Patti Rosenfelder

  18. Heavenly Father,

    Thanks for the live of this Angel, Jennifer Schuett.
    We girls, just to be girls have to realize how hard is grow, when the evil is walking aroud us.
    GOD BLESS EVERY GIRL IN THIS WORLD from this kind of garbage. Animal is too good to this garbage.

    Colombian Girl.

  19. I understand that the perp had raped and cut the throat of another woman and he received 4 years. Just 4 years. I'd like to see him tied to an ant heap for 4 years. No really, it's time to go back to corporal punishment for at least this the most heinous of crimes. raping a child is bad enough, slitting her throat, and putting her on an ant heap? Sorry, enough is enough. There is no theft in Singapore for a good reason: corporal punishment - whenis this culture going to grow up and get real.

  20. well , to every action there is an opposite reaction. If u watch how thios criminals are catched it is very minute details sometimes. I call it is gods justice. i read her story , and i was shocked by the news this x man cut her throat after the cruel act. i couldnt imagine what kind of a humna he is. u cant cal him animal because animals are not cruel like we think. He need to be punished like saudi arabia. So it could be lesson for all criminals.

  21. It brought tears to my eyes to hear this story. Every mothers' and girls' nightmare. So unimaginably evil and cowardly beyond any beast on earth.
    Brave, brave Jennifer my prayers and hugs are with you. I'm so glad for you that technology has caught up with this evil man. Everyone in the world will be with you. You are so very brave in making this public. You are victorious indeed. Justice will be done on earth and the afterlife.

  22. Justice will be served. The news of the arrest of Dennis Earl Bradford is what Jennifer has worked 19 years for. Who cares if he turned his life around? If he had had his way Jennifer wouldn't have a life today. Jennifer, thank you for being so courageous and not letting your case go away. You are a true hero. God is certainly smiling down on you and you deserve it. I'm so sorry for what happened to you 19 years ago but you didn't give up and you didn't quit. You are a true SURVIVOR. I know you have a wonderful family, a wonderful boyfriend, a fabulous smile and I hope a wonderful life but I had to reach out to you today to let you know I'm excited for you. You go girl!!!

  23. Jennifer Triumphs!

    Thank you all for following this story. Just posted an update this morning.

    When you have the opportunity to vote in elections, study the candidate's record on crime if he/she is an incumbent or scrutinize what they say if a first time office seeker. Pay particular attention to the opinions and political positions expressed by those who want to be our judges and district attorneys.

    Do what I do. Subscribe to your local newspaper. When you read about a judge/DA, Sheriff, or any elected official who has delivered a patently ridiculously light sentence to a pedophile, rapist, or other criminal or who has declined to prosecute the same or who has failed in whatever duty to the public, clip that article out and put it in a file.

    When any election or appointment to a higher court is held, pull your file out and make your voice heard by your vote, letters regarding nominations, or whatever expresses your opinion.

    Change is only accomplished when the people make their voices heard. Fortunately, in this country, the people have the ability to do this.

    Be like Jennifer Schuett and take a stand for what's right by getting involved.

    I'll climb off my soapbox now.

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves

  24. I was so inspired by this story that I wrote an epic poem in the style of the Illiad and the Odyssey as a tribute to her; please read and give your feedback!
    Thank you and blessings!

  25. I just watched this episode last night on America's Most Wanted and they caught the guy! Jennifer got a chance to tell the world that she helped catch him, as after 19 years of avoiding police, he had created a life of his own and had become a beloved neighbor and family member. His true identity was revealed when he was arrested and charged.

  26. Hi, Aly! Yes they did catch him.

    Please read:

  27. jennifer, you are a true HERO! all the women of this world ARE SO PROUD OF YOU AND WE LOVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.

    God kept you alive so that you would be an inspiration and a source of strength to your fellow women.

    sling-words, you have done a great thing in writing about jennifer.

    now will the USA please lead the world in making death as the suitable punishment for rape? how many little ones - girls and boys who listen to their parents and despite being aware of 'stranger-danger' - are raped by demented criminals and many even by their own 'trusted' family members? I WANT THE US LEGAL SYSTEM TO PLZ INTRODUCE THE DEATH PENALTY FOR RAPE!