Small World of Memory

The other day my youngest daughter, the one whose surgery and recovery I've been blogging about, was watching TV, and good parents that we are, my husband and I were keeping her company. A commercial for Disneyworld in Orlando began playing. We looked at each other, and we started grinning. I began humming, "It's a Small World After All," and they both started singing whereupon we all immediately burst into laughter.


You see, back when she was in middle school, we loaded all the kids but the oldest, who was in college and had a job, into the car one spring break and headed to Orlando. That spring break lives on in our memories and is always recalled with fondness and a lot of laughter. My only regret was that the Internet wasn't in full swing then, and there was no website to offer us discount Disney tickets. With five of us, we could have used some discounts since we tried to cram everything into our week at Disneyworld.

Lucky For You

Fortunately, is a resource you can use to plan your Disney vacation. In addition to being the largest ticket discount store in Florida, they're licensed and bonded, and they have authorized contracts with Disney. Best of all, they use their volume buying power in pricing tickets so they can pass the savings on to you, and, unlike a lot of ticket sellers, there are no hidden fees when you purchase from them.

Distinctive Difference

They're specialists in theme parks with a management team that has more than 50 years experience in the industry, and they want to make you a return customer. Be sure and sign up online to receive updates and special offers. You can email them or call using the toll free phone number or use the online contact form. They'll get back to you. If you know what you want after checking out their website, you can purchase using a major credit card because their site is a GeoTrust secure website.

The website also has a wealth of other information like details about the parks and the rides as well as Customer Feedback that will impress you. You can also find information about their flexible Delivery Options for your ticket purchase. You can get them shipped to you in advance (even Internationally), or you can pick them up yourself when you arrive in Orlando. You can even have them delivered to your hotel. Sweet!

Rest of the Story

In case you're wondering why "It's a Small World After All" make us all crack up, here's the tale of the afternoon we spent at the Magic Kingdom. We were in the little boats, floating through what were supposed to be underground caverns I guess, with that song playing over and over and over. We were hot and exhausted after a long day at the park.

In our family, when we get really tired, we get really silly. All of a sudden all of us, in unison, began singing that song aloud, mimicking the high pitched, toddler voices of the recording. Everyone stared and pointed, but we didn't care. The more we floated and sang, the more we laughed until we all had tears streaming down our cheeks. We could hardly climb out of the boats, we were laughing so hard. Even as I write this, I'm giggling.

Takeaway Truth

I can't corral all the kids for another Disney vacation, but maybe in a few years we'll have grandkids to take. Now that would be fun.

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  1. Ah, perspectives. As a resident of Orlando, I have a love-hate relationship with theme parks. Of course, being a resident, one always knows someone who can get free tickets, so I can't remember the last time we actually paid to go to any theme park.

    My folks live in LA, and they'd always want to see the grandkids over the summer. Disneyland was a 'must' when they'd visit, so we never even bothered with the Magic Kingdom here.

    For us, it was the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song that stuck with us.