Clean Your Hard Drive

When I was having problems back when my external hard drive failed, royally screwing up some files that had been loaded in the Registry, I turned to Piriform for help. I'd read about them before and had intended to Download their CCleaner. I just hadn't got around to it.

With all my computer problems, I made the time. It was easy - so simple, and it worked like a charm. Best of all, it's FREE.

A new version of CCleaner is available for download from their website now. Do yourself a favor and get this. It's top notch with none of the problems usually associated with free software. After you download it, you can register for their email updates. Whenever they tweak it or offer something new, you'll know about it immediately.

When you discover how great a product it is, you'll probably want to download their other software too. I'll tell about those another time.

Takeaway Truth

Keeping your computer clean and healthy is less expensive with quality free software.

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