Reminder: Holiday Gifts

This is just a reminder that I'll begin my annual Holiday Gift Suggestions earlier this year instead of waiting for December 1. I've got where I order a lot from the Internet, and I have a feeling that might characterize your shopping style too. Starting my suggestion blog posts on November 24 will give you plenty of time to order and receive the gift before Christmas, Hannakah, or Kwanzaa.

Gift Categories

Gifts writers will love.

Gifts anyone will love.

Some posts will have just one suggestion that fits one of the other, maybe both, of those categories. Some posts will be a suggestion in each category.

You Need A Plan

If you're a writer and want something that's really great for writers (other than bundles of bucks), direct your mom, dad, spouse, siblings, or friends to these posts. Or print it out and leave it where they can easily see it.

Number Please

These posts will be easy to find because they'll all be titled Holiday Gift Suggestions: and numbered 1 to 30, beginning November 24 and ending December 23.


Face it, if you haven't got a gift ordered by then, you've missed the sleigh. Unless you want to order something and call it a New Year's Gift. (I hate to say it, but some years my Christmas Letters have taken the form of New Year's Greetings.)

November 24

Stay tuned to this blog and to my other blog Joan Slings which will offer Holiday Tips: some gift suggestions along with ways to enjoy the season a little more, take out some of the frazzle, and find time to appreciate the small details. Those blog posts will also be numbered 1 - 30 and appear during this same time period.

In case you think I'll quit slinging words about writing and the writing biz, I won't. You'll still find posts on both blogs that will help you in achieving your writing goals or give you insight into successfully written projects.

Takeaway Truth

Holidays are fun times. Rev up your spirit. Be happy. You can be as happy as you make up your mind to be.

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