Help Authors Guild Help You

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the great work Authors Guild did on behalf of all working writers. They had just announced the settlement of Authors Guild v. Google for $125 million. As Paul Harvey used to say: Here's the rest of the story.

Money Divided

All that money gets spread around to authors and publishers as well as funds to start the new Book Rights Registry. Plus money goes to the claims administrator and all the lawyers involved as well as funds for publicity and for computer security experts who helped negotiate the deal's security protocols. Everybody seems to get a cut except for our wonderful Authors Guild who brought the lawsuit on behalf of authors.

As Roy Blount, President of AG, said: "We're not complaining, really. We knew the deal going in. But this sort of thing is a substantial investment of our resources...."

Help AG

Mr. Blount has asked all of us Authors Guild members to ask all non-members to take a moment to think about the magnitude of what the Authors Guild does, year in and year out, to make our professional lives better. If you need more evidence about their work, just visit their website.

Please, if you're eligible for membership in the Guild, why not join? Two of my friends have joined in the last few months, and I thank them for their support. If you're not a member, perhaps it's time you joined.


AG will review your book contracts, no charge, help you build a website (Take a look at mine. I'm proud of it. I do it myself, and it's super easy. And cheap.), send you an excellent quarterly bulletin that will educate you about the biz of writing. And they offer so much more. Minimum dues are $90.00 and worth every penny.

Takeaway Truth

Authors Guild, the oldest writers' advocacy group in America, helps improve the lot of writers in significant ways.


  1. I joined the Guild a while back. I put your name down as the person who persuaded me. Your posts about the Guild have been very convincing.

  2. Thanks, Bill. I got a lovely letter from AG that you had joined. That's dues money well spent.