Cruising for Net News

Just My Lil' Organic Life has a post about why you shouldn't write for revenue sharing. That was one of the things I cautioned you about yesterday. Glossary: aff = affiliate; opps = opportunity.)

Pooper's Scoops gave their monthly award, which I cannot name since my mom reads this blog *g*, to a publisher who has been involved with a payment dispute with a writer.

If you want to see the original discussion with the complaint filed against the publisher, visit Writers Weekly and read all the correspondence. Glad I didn't sign on to work with that publisher.

While I'm mentioning Angela Hoy's Writers Weekly, let me encourage you to subscribe to their newsletter or visit their site and check out the Warnings section.

Ringing my own chime, this week on Joan Slings Words, you'll find analyses of the new television shows The Mentalist and My Own Worst Enemy, which has already been canceled.

Paperback Writer is giving away two dragon books by Patricia Briggs. Deadline is Sunday night so visit her blog and enter.

Elaine Viets at Lipstick Chronicles gives a warning about a mystery shopper scam going around.

Liana Brooks at Write or Right has an interesting post about Literary Signature.

Megan Hart at Novelists Ink has One Page at a Time. Excellent post.

Takeaway Truth

A wealth of entertainment and education is just a mouse click away.


  1. Hi, Joan. Thanks for the plug. I really do hate seeing bloggers taken in a for a ride by these companies.


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