Hell in a hand basket

My grandfather used to say: "The world's going to hell in a hand basket." If he'd still been around since 9/11, I'm sure he'd be convinced of that fact.

The people in London suffered yesterday. Whether it was because of the G8 conference or the fact that they're allies to the U. S., the tragedy was a heinous act by terrorists. Anyone who harbors terrorists or gives them support in any way should be banned from civilization. Better yet, let their victims decide the murderers' fate by majority vote.

Then, today, I read on several blogs about Joseph Duncan, who had raped 13 young boys by the time he was 16. He's the one who apparently bludgeoned Shasta's older brother, mom, and the mom's boyfriend to death before kidnapping Shasta and her other brother who is probably dead and may by this time be identified from the remains of a child found recently. Sent to prison at 17, Duncan is now 42 and has taken the innocence and the lives of too many children.

Why was he ever released from prison?

Why is he even walking around and breathing?

What was the death penalty created for if not for him and people like him?

When will people learn that men like him can NEVER be changed?

On a smaller, more personal note, I read that Evan Hunter/Ed McBain died. What pleasure his books brought me over the years. I know he had more stories to tell. I'll go watch my DVD of one of the many movies made about the 87th Precinct. The one I've got stars Dale Midkiff. It's a pretty good flick, but I've never seen any of the movies as good as the books.

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  1. Well said, Joan. There should be no second chances when we're talking about children. The whole thing is so profoundly sad.