Sci Fi Friday is back!

I'll try not to be a total geek and rave too much about Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Battlestar Gallactica, but they're back!!! Finally, something interesting to watch this summer.

If you haven't discovered these three shows, shame on you. You're missing some great characters and action. My only regret is that Richard Dean Anderson won't be reprising his role as Jack O'Neil. Actor Ben Browder, the new leader of SG-1, is familiar to fans of Farscape, as is Claudia Black who was on tonight as the thief Valla.

I guess this respite will have to suffice until my other favorite action show 24 comes back to the small screen. Haven't seen anything on the big screen that interests me enough to spend an afternoon at the movies. {sigh}

Daughter and DH are out to snag the latest Harry Potter as soon as it's put on the shelf at one minute past midnight which is right about now. She spent the week re-reading all the previous Harry Potter books to ready her palatte for the new one.

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